The subtleties of sex: if your partner is diabetic

Intimate life can be full and bright in diabetes mellitus. The reasons for failures in bed can be a lot and not always they should be associated with the disease. It's all about the sexual constitution - in men it is developed better than in women. But problems in intimate life still exist, they can be caused by nervousness and mood swings on the background of “sugar disease”.

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The man is diabetic

In men, the main sexual disorder in diabetes is possible impotence, a decrease in erectile function (elasticity) of the penis during agitation, a short erection. But, according to medical statistics, the percentage of such disorders in diabetic men is small: only 8 out of 100 people have sexual problems, but even of these eight, only half have a diagnosis directly related to the disease. Much more often, a decrease in sexual activity depends on psychogenic factors, and, in a simple way, on self-suggestion. A man with diabetes knows that a disease can lead to impotence. Repeatedly scrolling this information in his head, he psychologically contributes to such a development of events, programs himself to failure. And here the role of a woman as a sexual partner is especially important: being sensitive at first sexual intercourse will give you mutual satisfaction, and inadvertently casually abandoned mot can seriously aggravate the situation.

Men-diabetics are more psychologically vulnerable: according to statistics, the percentage of people suffering from depressive conditions among diabetics is 33%, which is higher than the norm (8-10% of the population have an increased tendency to depression). Sometimes a temporary “chill” in a relationship can be caused by medication, a side effect of some drugs. Confidential frank relations with a partner will help you safely pass this temporary lane.

Diabetic woman

In women with diabetes, due to the instability of glucose in the blood, there may be an unpleasant feeling of vaginal dryness. As a result, pain during sexual intercourse leads to cooling, and even fear of sex. If temporarily for some reason it is not possible to achieve a balance of glucose in the blood, use different gels and creams according to the gynecologist's prescription. Women often worry about their appearance, especially carefully trying to hide, for example, traces of insulin injections. Fear of hypoglycemia can also prevent intimacy. Sometimes he is so unaccountable that a person does not even admit to himself. But doctors insist: sex in diabetes is as important as insulin, and all of these negative factors can be partially or completely eliminated.

Another problem accompanying diabetes is a possible fungal infection in the area of ​​the urogenital organs, caused by the bacterium Candida albicans, causing white discharge, burning and itching. But candidiasis today is quickly and successfully cured with medical preparations, although, since it is sexually transmitted, it is necessary to simultaneously conduct the treatment course with partners.

What are the tips for good sex doctors give?

- More caresses! For a woman experiencing vaginal dryness, and a man who is sometimes unsure of her masculine strength, foreplay is more important than ever!

- Increase sex appeal! Erotic fantasies, sexual outfits, smells, films for adults are able to create a miracle and overcome the first symptoms of frigidity and impotence.

- Frankness is required! Do not hesitate to tactfully discuss topics of intimacy, inspire your partner!

- Alcohol in small doses is useful ... Sometimes a small amount of wine can liberate and relieve from obsessive states of self-doubt, but diabetics require the obligatory control of sugar level, which, on the contrary, can entrench a partner.

Keep a reasonable balance!

- Moderate spontaneity. Unfortunately, for diabetic sex, as a rule, the planned event. But it is still useful to change more often not only the place, but also the time of intimacy, thereby getting rid of the train, perhaps some not always pleasant experiences for a diabetic in the past.

And be sure: sex life with a diabetic can be really great, it all depends on you!

Let's first get rid of the myth that all men are just aces in bed! Not everyone. Even those who consider themselves such! This is my personal experience. Some standard phrases - baby, pussy! And it feels like taking pictures of yourself mentally in a video: this is how it will turn its head, then so. And at the same time such talk that I should be immensely grateful for the appearance of HIS in my bed. And there 99% conceit - that's all!

For sure! I met such, however, 10 minutes was enough to make a diagnosis.

My sister has a diabetic husband. The disease appeared after the death of his parents. They had a good relationship, not at all like in anecdotes about an evil mother-in-law or mother-in-law. We do not lick all the details of our personal life - it’s my personal life, but if it’s piled on, we’ll share it. So here. Nothing has changed in their lives. She does not treat him as a patient, but he does not consider himself so. "My features." He calls it that. Because of this, refuses to sweet or drink. But everything else - as before. In my opinion, it's about a person, not diabetes. Or am I not right?

I have a diabetic experience (14 years). Sex is bad.

Diabetes is already fifteen years old, sex is all right. The main thing is that during the act the blood sugar level does not fall sharply. So, have a snack first 😉

diabetes since 1982)) sex-awesome, not afraid of the word

The diabetic guy, with sex, everything is bad, tell me who to ask for advice, help. And is it possible to change something?

Friends, a diabetic young man, I love him very much, but for two months now he cannot finish in bed. I have already considered myself flawed, but I decided to read the articles, tell me how to help him? Indeed, the absence of ejaculation can lead to infertility. Says when myself, everything is fine

Candida? Does she have all the girls, or does anyone have diabetes?

Anonymous, hello))) with sex in which plan is bad, is the girl there, constant?

Experience 11 years retrograde ejaculation I want to become a father who advise such experience.

Can I have sex with diabetes?

Sex is the physiological need of the body, which is accompanied by the release of hormones. Every formed person, regardless of the presence or absence of the disease should have intimate intimacy. For women, it is important, regular intimate life with a regular partner is a good tonus of the vaginal muscles and supports the internal microflora. For both partners who have diabetes, intimacy is a psychological relief. At the moment of receiving pleasure, emotional tension is lost and the blood flow to the organs of the cardiovascular system increases.

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Problems with sex in men and women

Doctors believe that men have more problems in their sexual life than women. But you can not exclude sex from your life. It can help diabetics and improve the quality of treatment.

In men with diabetes, you can notice the development of neuropathy. This is a complication that causes nerve fiber damage. This process extends to the male genitals. Blood circulation is deteriorating, and an erection is incomplete. In this case, the orgasm becomes not so bright, reduced sexual desire. Sex does not bring full satisfaction.

In women, diabetics appear infections that affect the genitals. Perhaps the development of fungal diseases affecting the vagina or the development of inflammation. When vaginitis sex unpleasant to do. At the time of sexual intimacy, a woman feels pain. It is constantly accompanied by itching or burning sensations.

Complications of diabetes can provoke chronic cystitis. He periodically heals, but then sharpens. Because of these phenomena, a woman can react poorly to stimulation of the clitoris. It affects the development of neuropathy due to diabetes. There will be difficulty urinating, the bladder will not empty completely. For this reason, sex can become unpleasant and the desire to engage them will disappear.

Many diabetics suffer from high blood pressure. This can affect the patient’s desire to have sex and the arousal process will be difficult. Women and men with diabetes may lose interest in the opposite sex. General health deteriorates, they become apathetic. Unstable sugar levels will contribute to this.

You may notice a decline in interest in sex life, this contributes to the treatment of diabetes. Patients are prescribed medications that reduce blood pressure. And they affect the quality of erection and reduce potency. If such phenomena began to appear, you must visit a doctor and can change medications. In this case, it is necessary to reconsider the use of depressants, if the patient used them.

What can prevent?

Sometimes in intimate life with diabetes is not all good. Interference to a full-fledged relationship are:

  • past failures in the intimate sphere, which do not allow to relax,
  • low self-esteem, nervousness,
  • unwillingness to show attention to the partner,
  • low sexual education.
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Benefits of intimate life for diabetics

For a couple, intimacy is a way to get closer to each other. In this case, sex becomes a kind of simulator that skillfully combines business with pleasure. Such physical activity involves every muscle of the body, accelerates stagnant blood. Against the background of the disease, a depressed mood is observed, with which intimate intimacy will cope perfectly.

Sex life should be regular, over the years the couple is set conditional biological rhythm. 2-3 times a week - a sufficient number of times to maintain muscle tone and normal well-being. Do not abuse, because sex is not a panacea. But for women it is important to know that due to the hypoglycemic effect, calories are burned two times faster. Therefore, sex is a good cardiac load.


Of course, we should not forget that there are a number of risks that the patient has to face for diabetes. There is such a thing as hypoglycemia, as mentioned earlier, due to the high sugar level, large amounts of energy are consumed. Reported cases where carriers of type 1 and type 2 after intimacy died or plunged into a deep coma. This was due to the fact that during sexual intercourse the body spent the energy potential, which could not compensate.

Due to increased dryness and abstinence in the genital tract, women experience erosion and fungus. In men, diabetes leads to early impotence, sensitivity is lost. The couple is faced with the difficulties of lack of attraction, this is due to the unstable level of sugar in the blood. If sexual intercourse takes place, you should be alert and keep a preparation next to it, which will restore the activity of the body. It should be noted that the drugs shown to diabetics, have a number of side effects, in particular, the deterioration of potency. If you have problems, you should consult a doctor and change the active ingredient.

Prevention of complications due to intimacy

In order to avoid complications after intimacy in a person with diabetes, you should follow a number of recommendations:

Such tips will help to live a full life, taking into account individual characteristics. Referring to practical advice, you can and should make love. For couples, the option of the help of a specialized specialist - sexologist is possible. He will help to understand the experiences, will establish a trusting relationship and discuss existing problems. In diabetes undesirable long-term abstinence and antidepressants.

Do you still think that it is impossible to cure diabetes?

Judging by the fact that you are reading these lines now - the victory in the fight against high blood sugar is not on your side.

And you already thought about inpatient treatment? It is understandable, because diabetes is a very dangerous disease that, if delayed in treatment, can end in death. Constant thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision. All these symptoms are familiar to you firsthand.

But perhaps it is more correct to treat not the effect, but the cause? We recommend reading the article on modern methods of treating diabetes. Read the article >>

Effect of sex on diabetes

Experts say that sex is useful for diabetics. At the time of sexual intercourse, the patient experiences physical exertion. Its intensity is reminiscent of exercise on the simulator, which helps to improve the work of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, to abandon sex after diagnosing diabetes is not necessary.

But there are a few limitations with diabetes. This refers to the increased intensity of sex. Hyperactivity can increase blood sugar levels. If there is such a situation, you need to stop the attack and eat something sweet.

If a patient with diabetes has problems with sex, you need to tell your doctor about it. You also need to do, if after sexual contact the patient begins to feel ill.

A weakened erection indicates the development of heart disease or increased cholesterol if the patient suffers from hypertension. It will interfere with sex. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the root cause. Eliminating the complications of diabetes will help to normalize sex life, and sex will become desirable.

Doctors ascertain that men often turn because of erectile dysfunction. During the examination, you can identify high blood sugar and diagnose diabetes. If the patient already knows about his disease and a sexual dysfunction has occurred, then as a result, it may become clear that there are many cholesterol plaques in the arteries. Separately, you need to examine the nervous system.

Experts believe that having sex can be problematic with high glucose levels. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures that will contribute to its normalization.

How to behave when having problems with sex?

First of all, do not be shy and consult a doctor for any violations. If you need advice sexologist need to visit him with your sexual partner. Such an outlet will help not only improve sex life, but also make it more interesting.

If an infection of the genital organs is suspected, it is imperative to receive a consultation and you need to undergo a special treatment course. You also need to consult a doctor who treats diabetes. To do this, you must pass all tests to eliminate the recurrence of the disease. Patients with diabetes need to follow the rules of personal hygiene. Try to avoid swimming in ponds with dirty water. For a woman, it may threaten the development of thrush.

Decreased interest in sexuality can occur due to the development of depression. This is facilitated by the development of diabetes and medication. The patient may be addicted to insulin shots and this depresses him. But there is nothing terrible in it, with the right treatment, he will be able to lead a normal life, and people around him will not even guess about the diagnosis.

How to behave diabetic?

In order for a diabetic patient not to feel inferior and lead a normal life, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctor. They will help to normalize sex life.

  • When the first violations in sexual life appear, seek the help of a specialist,
  • Be sure to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. To do this, you can purchase a blood glucose meter or take tests in the clinic,
  • Make a cardiogram and fully test the work of the heart,
  • Normalize blood cholesterol levels
  • Women can undergo a special course of treatment when any infection is detected, especially if it relates to the genital area, so that sex becomes full,
  • If the patient suffers from depression, you need to seek help from a psychotherapist.

Do not give up sex if diagnosed with diabetes. People with this diagnosis are no different from all the others and can live a full life in all its manifestations.

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