Novopen 4 syringe pen for which insulin

Insulin is a hormone that is involved in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, and is also used in diabetes replacement therapy. In the article, we will analyze what a Novopen 4 syringe pen is - for what type of insulin is it used.

Attention! In the anatomical-therapeutic-chemical (ATX) classification, a hormonal substance is indicated by code A10AB01.

How the pen syringe is arranged: characteristic

A syringe pen is used to administer a single dose of the drug. In particular, it was designed so that the injection can be made by the patient himself. The design of the fountain pen is similar to that of a conventional syringe, but the injection needle is rather thin.

If the patient urgently needs insulin, he must direct the fountain pen to the right place and press the special button. A spring mechanism pierces the needle into the appropriate area of ​​the body and injects the drug.

Briefly about Novopen 4

"Novopen 4" is a mechanical fountain pen that has a display showing after the administration of insulin the dose and time elapsed since the last injection (up to 12 hours). The maximum dose of the kit at a time is 60 units. The minimum dosage step of the insulin hormone is 1 unit.

The device has an easy-to-read and large dosing scale of the drug, the ability to adjust the wrong dose and durability. You can only type in insulin from the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk.

Side effects when applied

Using a fountain pen with a damaged cartridge holder may result in a lower dose of insulin than expected. This, in turn, can lead to severe hyperglycemia. The risk of hyperglycemia due to the use of a damaged fountain pen is less than 0.1%. This means that 1 out of 1000 patients has a risk of hyperglycemia.

Novopen 4 - official instructions

Instructions for use:

  1. If you need a new cartridge, take it out of the refrigerator on time to let insulin reach room temperature,
  2. Remove the protective film from the outer cover of the needle. Then remove the outer and inner needle cover. After replacing the cartridge, hold the pen upright with the needle up. Turn the knob until a drop of insulin comes out of the tip of the needle.
  3. Use a fresh needle for each injection, this protects the skin and prevents hematomas that delay the absorption of insulin from the subcutaneous tissue into the blood,
  4. If you are administering an NPH or mixed insulin, spin the pen at least 20 times until the contents of the cartridges are mixed,
  5. Do not shake the pen, as this may damage the insulin and cause air bubbles.
  6. Check the performance of the fountain pen daily before injection. Make sure that there are no air bubbles in the device. Then set one to two units of insulin and press the button. If insulin reaches the tip of the needle: everything is in order. If not: repeat this procedure until insulin appears,
  7. Use the dosing button to set the required amount of insulin. If too high a dose is selected, it is recommended to adjust it.
  8. Before any subcutaneous injection, a doctor's consultation is required. The puncture should be perpendicular to the skin surface. It is also recommended that you discuss with your doctor a chart on how to sequentially change the injection site. Always use a different injection site. After the puncture, slowly clamp the button. Wait 10 seconds before pulling out the needle. Otherwise, insulin may come back,
  9. After administration of the drug, a characteristic strong click should occur. If there is no click, it is recommended to check the technical health of the device and contact the manufacturer with complaints.

Patients should not interrupt insulin treatment without first consulting a doctor. Patients are requested to request a new cartridge on the website. Alternatively, they can call Novo Nordisk Customer Support. Patients should carefully monitor their glycemia levels. Patients who develop severe hyperglycemia due to improper use of a fountain pen should contact their doctor. Patients should report any adverse reactions to their healthcare provider or pharmacist.

Disadvantages of Novopen 4

If the pens are transported under uncontrolled conditions for a certain period of time, this can lead to mechanical malfunctions. In case of doubt, insulin is not recommended.

The average market value of Novopen is 2,000 Russian rubles. The injector comes with 3 ml cartridges and special needles. It is important to understand that only needles from the Novofine company can be inserted into the fountain pen. Other needles are not suitable for insulin therapy with this pen.

According to recent studies, the Novopen fountain pen does not cause significantly local discomfort and is characterized by a lower error rate compared to other devices. Before the introduction of the hormone, it is imperative to undergo special training that will help prevent the development of life-threatening adverse effects. Independently and without consulting a doctor, parenteral administration of any drugs is strictly prohibited.

Opinion of a competent physician and patient.

Valery Alexandrovich, diabetologist

I have been using this fountain pen for 3 years now: I have not noticed any unpleasant effects or complications. Deficiencies in the set of insulin substances are easily corrected, so you do not need to use a new syringe. I will continue to use it.

Advice! Before using any insulin medication, you need to consult a qualified specialist. Before self-administration of drugs subcutaneously, the patient must undergo special training in a specialized diabetes center. Self-medication is strictly prohibited, as this can lead to unpredictable consequences.

The main types of insulin syringes

Syringe pens come in three forms:

  1. With a replaceable cartridge - a very practical and convenient option to use. A cartridge is inserted into the pen slot, after use it is replaced with a new one.
  2. With a disposable cartridge - a cheaper option for injection devices. It is usually sold with an insulin preparation. It is used until the end of the drug, then disposed of.
  3. Reusable pen-syringe - a device designed for self-filling medicine. In modern models, there is a dosage indicator - it allows you to enter the right amount of insulin.

Diabetics need several pens to administer hormones of different actions. Many manufacturers for convenience manufacture multi-colored devices for injection. Each model has a step for prescribing up to 1 unit. For children, it is recommended to use pens in increments of 0.5 units.

Special attention is paid to the needles of the device. Their diameter is 0.3, 0.33, 0.36 and 0.4 mm, and the length is 4-8 mm. Shortened needles are used for injecting children.

With their help, the injection proceeds with minimal soreness and risks of getting into muscle tissue. After each manipulation, the needles are changed to avoid damage to the subcutaneous tissue.

The following types of syringes are available:

  • Syringes with a removable needle, which can be changed when taking the drug from the bottle and introducing it to the patient.
  • Syringes with a built-in needle that eliminate the presence of a “dead” zone, which reduces the likelihood of insulin loss.

The use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation

To date, no undesirable effects of Lyspro insulin on pregnancy or the health of the fetus / newborn have been identified. No relevant epidemiological studies have been conducted.

The goal of insulin therapy during pregnancy is to maintain adequate control of glucose levels in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or with gestational diabetes. The need for insulin usually decreases in the first trimester and increases in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. During and immediately after birth, insulin requirements may drop dramatically.

Women of childbearing age with diabetes should inform the doctor about the onset or planned pregnancy. During pregnancy, patients with diabetes require careful monitoring of blood glucose levels, as well as general clinical monitoring.

In patients with diabetes mellitus during breastfeeding, a dose adjustment of insulin and / or diet may be required.

Rules for choosing injection needles

To reduce pain, you need to know the rules for selecting a needle for an insulin syringe - pens:

  • children, adolescents and patients at the initial stage of insulin therapy need metal nozzles with a length of 4 to 5 mm,
  • 4-6 mm long needles are suitable for adults with normal body weight: after administration, insulin enters precisely subcutaneously, and not into the muscle or deep layers of the epidermis,
  • with a high body mass index, the length of the needles should be longer - from 8 to 10 mm.

Instructions for using the syringe pen

We offer step-by-step instructions for preparing the syringe of the Novopen 4 pen for insulin administration:

  1. Wash hands before injection, then remove protective cap and unscrew cartridge retainer from handle.
  2. Press the button all the way down until the stem is inside the syringe. Removing the cartridge allows the stem to move easily and without pressure from the piston.
  3. Check cartridge integrity and suitability for insulin type. If the medicine is cloudy, it must be mixed.
  4. Insert the cartridge into the holder so that the cap faces forward. Screw the cartridge onto the handle until it clicks.
  5. Remove the protective film from the disposable needle. Then screw the needle to the cap of the syringe, on which there is a color code.
  6. Lock the syringe handle in the needle up position and bleed air from the cartridge. It is important to choose a disposable needle taking into account its diameter and length for each patient. For children, you need to take the thinnest needles. After that, the syringe pen is ready for injection.
  7. The syringe pens are stored at room temperature in a special case, away from children and animals (preferably in a closed cabinet).

Despite the large number of syringe variations that can be used by diabetics, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, they all have similar equipment.

The design includes:

  • A cartridge used only for insulin (its second name is a cartridge or a cartridge case),
  • Housing
  • The triggering mechanism by which the piston works,
  • A cap that closes the hazardous part and makes storage and transportation safe when the device is out of operation,
  • Needle,
  • The mechanism that helps to dose the amount of hormone administered
  • Button for injection.

- diabetes mellitus in adults and children, requiring insulin therapy to maintain normal glucose levels.

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

The need for insulin may decrease with liver failure.

In patients with hepatic insufficiency, a higher rate of absorption of lyspro insulin remains compared to conventional human insulin.

The need for insulin may decrease with renal failure.

In patients with renal failure, a higher rate of absorption of lyspro insulin is maintained compared to conventional human insulin.

Lineup and prices

The most popular models of fixtures are:

  1. NovoPen is a popular device that has been used by diabetics for about 5 years. The maximum threshold is 60 units, the step is 1 unit.
  2. HumaPenEgro - has a mechanical dispenser and a step of 1 unit, the threshold is 60 units.
  3. NovoPen Echo is a modern device model with built-in memory, a minimum step of 0.5 units, and a maximum threshold of 30 units.
  4. AvtoPen - a device designed for cartridges with a volume of 3 mm. The handle is compatible with various disposable needles.
  5. HumaPenLeksura - a modern device in increments of 0.5 units. The model has a stylish design, presented in several colors.

The cost of syringe pens depends on the model, additional options, manufacturer. The average price of the device is 2500 rubles.

A syringe pen is a convenient device for a new sample for insulin administration. Provides accuracy and painlessness of the procedure, minimal trauma. Many users note that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of the device.

Why syringe pen novopen 4 diabetes patients

Let's see why the syringe pen novopen 4 is better than a regular disposable syringe.

From the point of view of patients and doctors, this particular pen syringe model has the following advantages over other similar models:

  • Stylish design and maximum resemblance to a piston handle.
  • A large and easily discernible scale is available for use by the elderly or visually impaired.
  • After the injection of the accumulated dose of insulin, this pen syringe model immediately indicates this with a click.
  • If the dose of insulin is not selected correctly, you can easily add or separate part of it.
  • After the signal that the injection has been made, you can remove the needle only after 6 seconds.
  • For this model, the syringe pens are suitable only for special branded cartridges (manufactured by Novo Nordisk) and special disposable needles (Novo Fine company).

Only people who are constantly forced to endure troubles from injections can fully appreciate all the advantages of this model.

Suitable insulin for syringe pen Novopen 4

The syringe pen novopen 4 is “friendly” with the types of insulin produced only by the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk:

The Danish company Novo Nordisk was founded back in 1923. It is the largest in the pharmaceutical industry and specializes in the production of drugs for the treatment of serious chronic ailments (hemophilia, diabetes mellitus, etc.). The company has enterprises in many countries, including and in Russia.

A few words about this company's insulins that are suitable for the Novopen 4 injector:

  • Ryzodeg is a combination of two short and prolonged insulin. Its effect can last more than a day. Use once a day before meals.
  • Tresiba has an extra long action: more than 42 hours.
  • Novorapid (like most of the insulin of this company) is an analogue of human insulin with short action. It is introduced before meals, most often in the abdomen. Allowed for use by pregnant and lactating women. Often complicated by hypoglycemia.
  • Levomir has a prolonged effect. Used for children from 6 years old.
  • Protafan refers to drugs with an average duration of action. It is acceptable for pregnant women.

What are insulin pens

In the device for administering insulin there is an internal cavity in which the hormone cartridge is placed. Also, depending on the model, a penfill can be installed in which 3 ml of the drug is placed.

The device has a convenient design, which takes into account all the shortcomings of insulin syringes.Penfill syringe pens act similarly to syringes, but the capacity of the device allows you to inject insulin for several days. Rotating the dispenser, you can specify the desired volume of the drug for a single injection, as a unit of measurement, the usual units for diabetics are used.

With incorrect dosage settings, the indicator is easily adjusted without loss of medication. A cartridge can also be used; it has a constant insulin concentration of 100 PIECES in 1 ml. With a full cartridge or penfill, the volume of the drug will be 300 units. You need to choose an insulin pen strictly from the same company that produces insulin.

  • The design of the device is protected against accidental contact with the needle in the form of a double shell. Thanks to this, the patient can not worry about the sterility of the device.
  • In addition, the syringe pen can be safely in your pocket without harming the user. The needle is exposed only when an injection is needed.
  • At the moment, there are syringe pens with different dosage increments on sale; for children, an option with a step of 0.5 units is ideal.

Features of the syringe pen NovoPen 4

Before you buy a device, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. The insulin syringe pen has a stylish design that accentuates the user's image. Due to the brushed metal case, the device has high strength and reliability.

Compared with previous models, with the new improved mechanics, pressing the trigger to inject insulin requires three times less effort. The button works softly and easily.

The dosage indicator has larger numbers, which is important for the elderly and visually impaired patients. The indicator itself fits well into the overall design of the pen.

  1. The updated model includes all the features of the early versions and has additional new ones. An increased scale for the set of the drug allows you to accurately dial the required dose. After completion of the injection, the pen emits a peculiar signal click, which informs about the end of the procedure.
  2. Diabetics can, if necessary, quickly change the erroneously selected dosage, while the drug will remain intact. This device is perfect for all people with a diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The dosage set step is 1 unit, you can dial from 1 to 60 units.
  3. The manufacturer guarantees the operation of the device for five years. Patients have the opportunity to try out high-quality metal construction and advanced technology.
  4. It is convenient to carry such syringe pens with you in your purse and take on a trip. Diabetics have the ability to administer insulin anywhere and anytime. Since the device is not similar in appearance to a medical device, this device is especially interesting for young people who are shy of their illness.

It is important to use the NovoPen 4 syringe pens only with such insulin as the doctor recommends. 3 ml Penfill insulin cartridges and NovoFine disposable needles are suitable for the device.

If you need to use several types of insulin at once, you need to have several syringe pens at once. To distinguish what type of insulin NovoPen 4 syringe pen is for, the manufacturer provides many colors of injectors.

Even if a person constantly uses one pen, you must always have extra in stock in case of breakage or loss. There should also be a spare cartridge with the same type of insulin. All cartridges and disposable needles can only be used by one person.

It is not recommended to use the injector for people with visual impairment without outside help.

It is necessary that the assistant possess knowledge of how to inject insulin into the stomach and what dosage to choose.

Watch the video: A Guide to Using Your Insulin Pen (February 2020).